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This site was created for the DISC Internet content scholarship challenge. Its purpose is to try and demystify technical elements for Destination ImagiNation® teams. It is not a comprehensive reference for all things technical in DITM. The aim is to provide introductory information on various technical items and provide a jumping off place for teams to do their own investigations. Teams need to learn to tinker* and try new things even when they aren't sure what to do. One of the most important things you can learn in Destination ImagiNation® is to never let not knowing how to do something keep you from trying it.

Using this site.

This site is not just for teams doing a "technical" Challenge. All technical challenges have technical requirements but technical elements are not just for teams doing a technical challenge. There is nothing that prevents a team doing any of the challenges from constructing some type of technical device (although the limited materials in the improv creates special challenges for teams wishing to create a technical device.) Teams can create amazing technical devices in any challenge either as Side Trips or just as something to enhance the overall performance.

The Tutorials link provides tutorials on various technical topics. At the present time the main focus is on DC electrical and electronics. There is outline information on other technical topics included in the tutorial section. This site does not address the structure challenge. For information on structure visit Diary of a Balsa Goddess.

Resources and Links provides a list of informational and retail sites that may be of interest to those working on technical items.

DI Tech Revealed highlights Destination ImagiNation® team's technical devices in text, pictures and video.

If you a trainer and are looking for ideas for technical training classes go to Tips for Trainers.

*Tinkering is playing with existing technology and trying something you don't quite know how to do, guided by whim, imagination and curiosity.



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