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Martin High School CardDIology Growing Tower

Our story for CardDIology was about the "Card" games (think the ESPN X Games). We did this for several reasons. Since we only had 3 team members and two of the members had to be involved in placing weights we felt like we had to have a story that completely revolved around the placement of the weights. Our main character - Brian Berg (the real Cardstacker) - had for the first time entered the "with glue" competition for the strongest card structure. The commentators (animated talking heads) did a retrospective on Brian and talked about his building a card tower that was 25' tall. We wanted to represent this and created this PVC tower to represent construction of a 25' tall tower.

The Tower used 3 sizes of PVC Pipe (that would fit inside of each other) a motor and fishing line to "grow". The drawing below is a rough sketch of how it worked. The three sizes of pipe are represented by the red, green and blue rectangles. Two fishing lines (the black lines in the sketch) were tied to the bottom of the middle size pvc pipe. They were threaded to the outside of the largest pipe and then were tied together to a single line which was fed into a pulley on a motor that could roll up the line. As the motor rolled up the line the two fishing lines made the green pipe rise up. The 2nd set of fishing lines (the purple lines in the sketch) were tied to holes in the bottom of the smallest pipe. The small pipe was then inserted into the middle sized pipe and the lines were tied to the top of the largest pipe. As the middle pipe was raised by the black fishing lines the purple lines made the small pipe to raise up at the same time.