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Electrical Basics

 This is a brief introduction to some basic electrical concepts. Teams are encouraged to do further research on these topics. Refer to the "Electrical Reference Sites" section of the Resource Page for a list of sites that contain more detailed tutorials.

Current, Ohms & Amps - Introduction to basic concepts of DC electrical power

Circuits - What is an electrical circuit?

Series and Parallel Circuits - What is the difference between a series and parallel circuit and how might we use a series of parallel circuit in a device?

Ohm's Law - A very simple introduction to Ohm's Law. Ohm's law defines the relationship between Current, Ohms and Amps.

Activity Suggestion

Looking for an activity to learn some of the basics of electronics? You might purchase the Catch the Bug kit from Teacher Geek. It covers some of the fundamentals of electronics (current, resistance, motors, switches, etc.). There are downloadable lesson plans for the kits. The kits do require some soldering. Individual kits sell for $15.00