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DC Electrical

These tutorials cover DC (Direct Current) power. AC (Alternating Current) power is not addressed. Select a link to review.

Electrical Basics - DC, Volts, Amps and Ohms

Basic Tools - tools you will need when working with electrical components

Wire and Wiring - wire types and wire sizes

Electrical Connections - exploring ways to make electrical connections

Electrical Switches - what type of switches can you use to control your devices.

Relays - low voltage control of higher voltages

Small DC Motors - understanding, wiring, and controlling small DC Motors

The distinction between small and large DC motors is an arbitrary one for this website. For purposes of these tutorials small DC motors are the type typically found in hobby vehicles and toys that run on less than 12 volts. Large DC motors are motors than run on 12 volts or more and are found in commercial and industrial applications.

Large DC Motors - moving beyond small hobby motors

Lights and Lighting (topic for future development)

Advanced topics - topics that teams may wish to explore on their own.