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My name is Heather and I have been involved in Creative Problem Solving since 1996. From 1996 to 2000 I competed in several different types of challenges. In 2000 I started doing the structure challenge and have competed in the structure challenge since then. I have only competed in one technical challenge - Fruit Roller Coaster. However, my team has always created technical devices for our performances when we felt it would enhance our solution.

Click HERE to see a list of all the CPS challenges I have completed.  This link takes you to the "Diary of a Balsa Goddess" website.)

I competed in theatrical challenges for my first few years in Creative Problem Solving. During the 1998-1999 year when I was in fifth grade I competed in the structure challenge for the first time when I joined my older brothers all boy seventh grade team. The next year I joined up with another all-boy team at another school and we solved the challenge Fruit Roller Coaster. This was my first time to compete in a technical challenge and I really enjoyed working on the roller coaster.

In 2000 I convinced the boys that we needed to do the structure challenge and we competed in the structure challenge Triplicity.

In 2001 I formed a team with members from my school and have competed in the structure challenge every year through the 2006 tournament. While the composition of the team varied over the years we have a core group of four girls that have hung together since 2001. 2006 was our last year together as a High School team. We made it to Global Finals as Seniors and it was a great experience.

2007 was my first year in college at the University of Texas at Dallas. It was interesting to say the least because I ended up with a teammate who was a team member on a team that was some of our toughest competition in High School.

Working on a University Team is very different from working on lower level teams. We really didn't start working on our solution until April. It is now 2008 and I am continuing my participation at the University Level.

Destination ImagiNation® has given me many skills and the confidence to try new things. I look forward to putting those skills to practice in the workforce.