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Advanced Topics

 These pages do not include specific tutorials about these advanced Electronic topics. These pages are intended to introduce additional topics that teams may wish to research on their own.

Robotics: Do a search on robotics on the internet and you will find hundreds of forums, discussion groups and how to websites that deal with hobby level robotics. While you may not be able to create a true working robot that fits into the cost limit of your particular challenge there are many concepts and ideas that could be adapted for use by DI teams. Three of the areas of research that robotics can lead teams into are: PICS, Servos and Stepper Motors.

PIC Microcontrollers: PICs are programmable Integrated Circuits.

RC Servos: Servos are small DC motors typically used in robotics and radio control.

Stepper Motors: Stepper Motors are brushless electric motors that divide the full rotation into a large number of small steps. Stepper motors allow precise control of speed and position and are often used in robotics.