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Stored Energy

For discussion purposes on this website, stored energy refers either to energy of position or energy stored in objects by the application of a force.

An example of energy of position would be a model car sitting at the top of a ramp. The car has potential or stored energy because someone lifted the car to the top of the ramp and sat it in position.

These pinewood derby cars have potential energy (or stored energy) because they are sitting at the top of a ramp. The energy was stored when they were lifted up and placed at the top of the ramp.
Another example of stored energy would be compressing a spring (like in a windup car) or winding a rubber band on a model airplane.

If you would like to experiment with stored energy devices you can purchase vehicles powered by balloons, mousetraps and rubber bands at most hobby shops. You can also purchase kits at websites such as: Doc Fizzix or Activity Based Supplies.

This is a device made by modifying a mousetrap car kit so that the mousetrap spring raises a weight when the arm is released.  Click the image to see a video of the device in operation.