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Submit a Device for DI Tech Revealed

If you would like one of your technical devices included on the DI Tech Revealed Web Page please submit the following to the webmaster.

  • Your name (optional)
  • Your school name
  • Your team name (if different from your school name) and competition level
  • The challenge the technical device was constructed for
  • A brief title of your technical device.
  • Was the device a Side Trip, a Challenge Requirement of just something you included in your presentation?
  • A brief explanation of the device.
  • A photo of the technical device.
  • A more detailed explanation of the device (optional).
  • A copy of the write up your submitted on your Tournament Data Form for the technical device (optional).
  • If you have a video of the device then follow the directions below for submitting the video via YouTube.
  • If you don't have video you could alternately submit a series of pictures of your device in operation.

This can be in an email or in an attached Microsoft Word Document. Click for MS Word Word form to complete and attach to your email.

See the entries already posted to understand what needs to be submitted.

Submit via email to:

We will notify you when your submission is posted so that you can proof it.

Submitting Video for the website.

Videos should be posted to YouTube ( If you already have a You Tube account then you can skip the instructions for creating a You Tube Account.

If you have video that you would like to submit but do not have the capability of posting it to You Tube then you can mail video tape or DVD for conversion. Follow the instructions for manually submitting videos at the bottom of this page.
Creating a You Tube Account.

These are simplified versions of the instructions. Consult the help links on You Tube if you have questions.

Go to YouTube. ( In the upper right part of the webpage you will see a link to "Sign Up". Select this link and follow the instructions on the right side of the page "Create Your YouTube Account"

Join the DITech Group

Once you have an account you need to join the DITech Group. This is a group to gather up the videos that have been submitted for this website. Goto and click on the "Join this group" link toward the upper right. Presently the webmaster has to approve all membership requests for the DITech Group but this may change in the future so if you will send a note to the the webmaster we will approve your membership as quickly as possible. I have restricted the membership because I am concerned about people who might join the site and make inappropriate comments.

Upload your Video

You will need your video in a format that is acceptable for YouTube. This includes .mpg, .wmv, .avi and other files. See YouTube help for additional information. From the main You Tube webpage ( select the Yellow "UPLOAD" link and follow the instructions for the video. Once the webmaster has approved your membership in the DITECH GROUP you can return to the DITECH group page and select the "ADD VIDEOS" link to submit the video to the group. Again, the webmaster must approve all video submissions for the group. Please submit the information requested above when you add the video so that I can match them up.
Manually submitting DVDs or Video Tape for inclusion on the website.

If you are unable to post the videos to You Tube then you can send DVDs or tape to:

DI Tech DIcoded Web Page
5607 Oak Branch Drive
Arlington, Texas 76016

The preference is a file on DVD or CD but I can also take Video tape. It may take extra time to convert tape as I do not have direct access to every type of tape player. Please note that if you want the video tape or DVD returned to you you must include a self addressed stamped envelope. I will return them as quickly as I can. Please include your team name information with the media so I can match up with your email.